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Why do you have so many members and so few people posting?
There are a couple of reasons. Our participation rate is about right for a board of this nature, size, age, and topic (the nirvana2 boards have a similar problem, as do all others I've seen of this nature), but can seem kind of odd if you just glance at the many thousands of members, but a much smaller number of participants.

First, since we are devotees of a popular group, we have a high turnover rate from people who just heard about Evanescence and come here to check it out, but lose interest in either us or the group.

Second, we haven't cleaned out the accounts that aren't participating or even logging on. We used to require that you create an account in order to lurk and there was no way to change your name. As a result of this there are a lot of duplicate accounts or accounts by people who "just wanted to see what was up"--lots of accounts that have never posted and probably won't ever post.

We've also lost members over the years for various reasons. Their accounts are also still hanging around.

Where do I go if I want to chat?
So, you want to chat eh?

Please visit Here. Chat is not available to those on their 5 post probation phase. Once your account has been converted to regular member you'll have access to our chatroom. Do not abuse the chatroom. We offer it as a perk to your account and will not hesitate to take access away from you permanently if you harass, offend, or make others uncomfortable around you. Mods are watching chat on a consistant basis and will report abuse to an admin. Although the topics rarely cover Evanescence, you can be sure to have a pimpin' good time (tm). Please, check your coats and sanity at the door Happy chatting!

Who are the Moderators?
Information on the board staff can be found here.

Feel free to contact the board staff if you have any questions.

What is the Welcoming Committee?
The EvBoard Welcoming Committee is a group of veteran members particularly knowledgeable in the ways of the board. Feel free to PM any of them if you have a question about anything. If you make an introductory post in the Introduce Yourself forum, which all good members do, you'll likely be welcomed by at least one member of the EvBoard Welcoming Committee.

Click here and scroll down to find the current membership of the EvBoard Welcoming Committee

How do I add an Avatar/Picture next to my name?
1. Click this link to enter your User CP and be taken directly to your own accounts avatar settings.

2. From there you can upload your own picture which will be shown next to your name when you make posts. Likewise you can access this by clicking on the User CP link on the top left of the screen.

3.The default Avatar size for normal users is 100x100, but Paid Subscribers are allowed to have Avatars of up to 200x200 pixels along with many other things.

What are those green dots under everyone’s name?

Green dots under a username are called Reputation. Every time you make a post on the forum, other users may give you reputation (positive or negative) based on what you said. Good posts usually result in positive reputation. Bad posts usually equal negative reputation from other users.

You can give out positive or negative reputation by click on this image , which can be found right under that users reputation.

To look at the last 5 reputations given to you, simple enter your User CP. From there you can see the latest 5 reputations given to you by other users.

There are three main types of reputation dots in your CP.
Green Dots = Positive. This is a good thing. If you are given a green dot in your User CP that means someone gave you a positive reputation.
Grey Dots = Neutral. Between good and bad. If you are given a grey dot in your User CP that means that person is too new to give out reputation.
Red Dots = Negative. This is a bad thing. If you are given a red dot in your User CP that means that someone gave you a negative reputation.

The reputation dots under your name / avatar have a slightly different meaning though. Green dots mean you have a net positive reputation. Red dots mean you have a net negative reputation which is very bad. If you accumulate enough "bad reputation", you will be automatically banned.

A black dot under someones name/avatar means they have turned their reputation system off.

See also: this thread.

For more information about when it is appropriate to give out reputation, see this FAQ topic.

How can I get my own signature?
1. Click this link to enter your User CP and be taken directly to your own accounts signature settings.

2. From there you can create your own personal signature.

Note: New users are not allowed to have signatures until they are graduated from the moderation queue. See the next FAQ topic for more information.


- 5 lines limit
- 2 images maximum (no larger than 468 x 200 pixels or 78100 bytes)

Why are my posts not showing up right away?
All new users are put into a Moderation Group. This helps the moderators control what is said on the forum. New users, often not knowing the rules of the forum, make posts that the moderators end up having to lock. This starts to get excessive, so in order to combat this and to help fight off trolls and spammers the Moderation Queue was put into place.

How do you get out of it? Just keep posting on the forum and after 5 posts (in any forum except for EvBored or Introduce Yourself) you will be moved into a normal user group where you can post freely.

What is all this special lingo I see on the board?
The EvBoard Glossary for the Confused was prepared for the many people who read many of the posts here and wonder what the hell we're saying because of all the weird words and phrases. N00bs and veterans alike should find this helpful.

How can I become a moderator?
Please don't ask to become a moderator. Just help out, follow the rules, and maybe one day when you grow up your dream will come true :)

Who To Contact?
If you have a question about the board software, admin functions, advertising on the board, and anything very broad and generic, please contact KCMO, the board Administrator. If you have a problem with another member, or a problem with a post, or general questions about content, please contact any one of the Moderators. Don't know who the Moderators or Admins are? You can find that info at this link.

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